Enactus SFU

Our parent organization

Enactus is a global organization that uses entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress, taking the concepts of social entrepreneurship and the triple bottom-line to heart. Enactus teams develop innovative programs that address social, environmental and economics needs in the community, in an attempt to improve the quality of life and standard of living of others.

Enactus SFU is an established, yet growing organization that strives to create a bigger impact each year. With more than 60 active members running 6 sustainable programs, winning local and national awards recognizing the impact that the organization has had since being founded in 1991, Enactus is about more than just helping others; we enable change through entrepreneurial action.

At Enactus SFU, We Dare to Do.


Enactus SFU programs

Along side SEY, Enactus SFU runs a number of well recognized programs.

Banner Bags educates high school home economic students about environmental sustainability by transforming used street banners into reusable bags. Through this initiative, we avoided over 29,000 CO2 emissions in the past four years.

Hunger Actions empowers low-income single mothers across the lower mainland gain the most nutrition out of every dollar they spend on food. Through the program, participants are guided towards obtaining optimal levels of health and establishing these habits among their families.

Visit www.enactussfu.com to learn more about these programs and many more.